There are so many things that you realise you have to do, or that you are not capable of doing, once you've flown the nest.

Having your own living space and that long-sought-after freedom suddenly isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Speaking from personal experience, here are 10 reasons why you will find that staying with your folks is almost certainly the better option.

1. You are forced to make seemingly 'grown-up' decisions like which energy company to opt for or which broadband company to go with.

2. You have no clue who to call if your toilet blocks or if the roof starts to leak.

3. Nobody will iron your clothes for you.

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4. You will find things like detergent and kitchen towel are ridiculously expensive, but will almost always have a deal on when you've walked to the supermarket and can't carry it back.

5. You will realise how annoyingly often you have to buy milk and bread.

6. Changing a duvet cover is your Everest.

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7. Things like getting your hair cut become a luxury as finding enough money to buy food to stay alive is your priority.

8. You will almost never remember to put the recycling out and end up with weeks worth of paper littered across your neighbour's lawn as a result of high winds or pesky foxes.

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9. You will suddenly think it's an amazing idea to get a kitten. It isn't. It will drain your finances, demand your attention, destroy your furniture and inevitably wreck your relationship as you continuously argue over how best to look after it.

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10. You will miss your mum and dad.

This list was compiled by Christine Martin, 25, from Bromley.

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