A 23-year-old man suffering testicular cancer has warned others 'it can happen to anyone' and is urging people to beware of the dangers of cancer at any age.

Chris Castleton, of Days Lane, Sidcup was having a light-hearted wrestling match with his friends just before Christmas when he started to get pain in his testicular area.

The pain continued for a few days and Chris decided to take action and seek an emergency appointment with his doctor.

The part-time handy man said: "I was in a bear hug and I was trying to tap out when I first felt like something was up.

"I thought I had just knocked it. But when it carried on over the weekend I knew I had to get it looked at.

"The diagnosis came through on Christmas Eve so that was quite hard to take."

"I went to Queen Mary's Hospital and the staff there were brilliant.

"I was then transferred to Queen Elizabeth and then to Guys Hospital where I am having my treatment."

Chris explained he had an operation to remove the lump from his testicle soon after his diagnosis and he is now undergoing chemotherapy.

He also revealed he had taken the drastic step of freezing some of his sperm to ensure he can have a family in the future because chemotherapy can affect fertility.

When Chris' friend Ryan Turner, 22, from Blendon Road, Bexley, found out about his friend's plight he decided to have his hair shaved to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Chris said: "I am really proud of Ryan, he has done so well and is going to raise about £3000 which is amazing.

"Ryan is well known for loving his hair so it was quite special we both had our hair shaved off together.

"We would always take the mick and tease Ryan saying that we were going to cut his hair off when we got drunk."

Chris added: "It was really scary when I found out I had cancer, you never think you are going to get cancer at 23.

"I just want to raise awareness, I am just dealing with it and it's going to make me stronger.

"I am now really looking forward to the summer and just want to get better. I am hoping everything should be back to normal in six weeks."

To donate to the cause visit https://www.justgiving.com/Ryan-Turner2014/?provider=personalGivingApp