Five cats were left shaken as a veterinary surgery in West Wickham saw its charity funds raided last week.

Tender Paws Veterinary Surgery on Addington Road was broken into on Friday March 7, with around £400 taken – most of which came from donations to fundraising pots.

Owner Nicola Fairweather, 57, said the five live-in cats were distressed after the intrusion and added the insurance company has declined to pay.

She said: “Our cats are all really upset by it. They (burglars) knocked all the food and litter over.

“The insurance won’t pay out because the money comes from charity collection pots.”

Mrs Fairweather explained the thieves got in through a small window at the side of the property and said her son, who lives upstairs, phoned the police after hearing the commotion.

She said he was woken up at around 2.45am and said she “dreads to think” what would have happened if he had encountered the culprits.

A police spokesman reported: “Police are investigating a burglary at a vet’s in Addington Road, West Wickham. Approximately £400 was taken. There are no arrests to date.”

Police are appealing to anyone that may know of any suspicious behaviour. Please call 101 if you have any further information regarding the burglary.