Here is a top 10 list of charity shops across south-east London.

The list was compiled by Sean Brady, from Eltham, based on what he feels are the “best buys” for books, clothes and electrical goods.

It was submitted as part of our ‘write a top 10 list’ competition. If you have an interesting or funny list, send it to us for the chance to win £50 when the competition ends on March 31. See below for details.

1. Cancer Research in Eltham High Street (can't divulge why!). I've had lots of good stuff there. Shame the upstairs £1 shop is closed.

2. Greenwich & Bexley Hospice in Eltham High Street (got my Roomba there).

3. Geranium charity shop in Lee Green (got my Stephen King hardback in there, after waiting a year to get it).

4. ALD Life in Penge. Great for CDs and vinyl (although not for the shop assistant's singing!).

5. Greenwich & Bexley Hospice in Welling. All three of them are great, but this one is like a museum, with lots of great artefacts.

6. Sense in Mottingham. Got a great jacket in there once. Even had a pole, for dancing in there, once!

7. Oxfam in Blackheath. A compendium of books.

8. Cancer Research in Lewisham. If only for the random layout of the shop!

9. Cats Protection League in Eltham. The cat in there wasn't very friendly, and there was a sign to warn customers! Very cheap books.

10. Oxfam in Bromley. Had a live music session in there last year. Very good.

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