London Mayor Boris Johnson visited Bexley to help launch the Conservative's new manifesto for the elections in May.

Mr Johnson, visited the group at the Danson Park Boathouse on Thursday.

He told News Shopper: "Bexley’s councillors are always fighting for their residents, and are never off the phone to me, wanting help to improve their community.

"With £200million of investment secured and with no rise in council tax for the last five years, why would anyone want someone else running Bexley’s Council?"

Council leader Teresa O’Neill added: "This is a critical election.

"We have invested in the regeneration of our town centres, creating new parks and open spaces and improving education standards.

"Because of this, Bexley’s economy is now growing twice as fast as the rest of the UK, hundreds of new jobs have been creating which has led to a 26 per cent drop in unemployment, and our schools are now rated among the UK’s top ten.

"And all of that without ever putting up residents council tax bills by a single penny.

"While the financial situation facing the council over the next four years will be very tough – whoever wins the election – this manifesto builds on our achievements, and makes realistic pledges that can and will be delivered.

"We cannot be clearer – the only way to keep Bexley growing, council tax low and core services improving is to vote for Bexley’s Conservative council candidates on May 22."