IF another person dares tell me they can’t get excited about a window cleaner, then I’ll have to start wielding the Winbot as a weapon, swinging it from its cable like and Olympic hammer thrower.

Sure, cleaning windows is dull but only if you don’t have a robot to do it for you.

Said robot is made by Ecovacs, the clever German guys who also make the automatic vacuum cleaner robot.

That machine is cool, but the Winbot is like the Spiderman to its Peter Parker.

Fortunately, the Winbot is easy to set up and use. The reason that is fortunate is because when it arrived in the News Shopper offices, it only had German instructions. I later found the efficient folk at Ecovacs had sent me English instructions by e-mail.

Once you’ve unpacked it, you just attach on the wires, push on the Velcro cleaning pads, switch it on and stick it to your window.

Ideally you need a window cleaning spray, and you have to swap the pads after a while but other than that you just plonk it on the glass and let it do its business like a confused Playstation or real-life Pac-man.

No one is going to pretend it is fast and it damn sure ain’t quiet, so it is not ideal for windows you can reach yourself.

But if you have outside windows, it is perfect to lean out and stick it on and press go (it even has a remote).

It won’t fall off and it finishes where it starts so you’ll be guaranteed to reach it again.

As for cleaning quality, the windows on my flat had been neglected for nine months. They’re spotless now and I didn’t go anywhere near a sponge or bucket.

Go to ecovacs.com