Here is a top 10 of the most unusual requests, actions or questions from customers in shops around south-east London and north Kent.

All of these bizarre situations were witnessed by Robert Whiffen, from New Eltham, who submitted this as part of our ‘write a top 10 list’ competition.

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News Shopper: 4head headache relief

1. Sidcup Morrisons, a customer asked a sales assistant if they sold 4skin sticks to relieve headaches. The actual product is called 4Head. This question resulted in a belly laugh all round!

2. While working at a sports store in Bluewater, we super-glued a 50p to the floor just outside the store front. I was very surprised how many people bent down to pick it up and then tried to kick it free. If you're shopping at Bluewater, 50p should be the least of your worries! It was mostly men so maybe the wives was maxing the credit cards!

News Shopper: Straw

3. Tesco Sidcup, a young woman asks a store assistant "what does cottage cheese taste like?", the assistant replies "I have never tried it" so the customer replies "I hope it doesn't taste of thatch because I hate straw".

4. In my late teens, I worked at a large department store in Bromley High Street and we purchased a fake poo and placed that in the female changing rooms. All day, we manned that fitting room and not one complaint! At the end of the day the fake poo was still there, however, there was a visible bum imprint on the mirror just above where the poo was left!

5. 99p store Sidcup, customer raises a pack of bubble wrap to a staff member and asks "How much is this?" Really?!

News Shopper: Dariusz Koczan, manager of the 99p Store in Lymington

The clue is kind of in the name

6. While working at a mobile phone company at Bluewater, I took a call from a customer who had managed to crack the screen on his phone. Upon asking him to bring the phone in for repair, he asked "why can't you fix it over the phone?"

News Shopper: Phone meme

7. A charity shop in Sidcup, talking about an Ikea oak dining table with six chairs. "This price is ridiculous, £80 and it has scratches, what discount will you give me?" Staff member: "We're a charity shop, it's used goods but you're more than welcome to go to Ikea and buy it for £300 or more!"

8. Working at a store in Bluewater, a female customer purchases her goods, I pass them onto her. She hands me her car keys and says "can you bring my car closer, I can't remember where I parked it, it's a white one with a nice smell!"

9. NatWest Eltham, guy asks for £20 withdrawal, cashier asks him to insert his card and input his PIN. "You don't have £20 available in your account so you'll be unable to withdraw that today.” Customer: "You're a bank, how can you not have any money?"

News Shopper: Why gif

What do you mean by 'NO'?! (Source:

10. Post Office New Eltham, customer "I need to renew my car tax, I only need six months as I'm going to sell my car." She shoves the documents under the counter. Postmaster: "We don't do car tax here, we have signs, I'm sorry you queued." Customer: "I've queued, presented my documents, now you do what you need to do to print me off that little circle that I need!"

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