A KINGSMILL lorry that asks whether it is ‘well driven’ is currently (12.15pm) stuck in the middle of the road after taking out a lamp post in Orpington.

The lorry, on Crofton Lane, is causing traffic to move slowly either side and making it hard for buses to get past after it ploughed over a central partition this morning (March 5).

Two bollards were crumpled in the crash and police said moving the vehicle, also visibly damaged, would be difficult as the lamp post was caught in the axle.

An officer at the scene said he arrived just after 11am, while service personnel from the bakery were also there.

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The police said: “I think the lorry’s gone over the central partition. We can’t move it – there’s a lamp post stuck in the axle.”

Another officer said the lorry was going to be recovered by the company, but did not know how it was going to be moved.

No one else was reported to be involved and no injuries were recorded. 

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