Gravel Hill Primary School in Bexleyheath is celebrating after being rated as good in the school's latest Ofsted inspection.

The school is undergoing a year of change with a new £1.8million building opening up in September.

It will include 12-classrooms which will include a new library and ICT suite.

Headteacher Miss Neill said: "Historically the school has always been graded as satisfactory from the very first Ofsted inspection it received until the previous inspection in 2012.

"We are absolutely delighted because due to the hard work and dedication of all of the Gravel Hill family, Ofsted has graded the school as good in 2014."

The achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety and leadership and management were all rated as good by the inspectors.

Miss Neill added: "This is a huge achievement and one that everyone should feel very proud of; pupils, parents and carers, governors and staff.

"Ofsted have acknowledged that ‘the central ethos of the school is that we are a family, symbolised by the tree of life, where each individual has equal value no matter the size or age or position in the school."