A NURSERY in Sidcup is being forced to close after its adjoining school has reclaimed the building.

Jumping Jack’s Day Nursery in Hurst Road will shut in July when Hurstmere School for Boys takes back the nursery building.

As a result children have been left without a nursery placement and parents are panicking to find an alternative.

A 37-year-old father from Bexley, who didn't want to be named, said: "We found out that the school would be reclaiming the building in December.

"We were originally informed that they would be relocating.

"It wasn’t until two weeks ago that we actually found out the nursery was unable to find new premises and will shut in July.

"Lots of children have been left without a nursery and staff are now without jobs.

"The nursery owner took our details and told us she would keep us in the loop.

"Finding decent nurseries in the area is difficult. The nursery itself was great, the staff were good and the building was excellent. That is what is most frustrating for the parents." In response, Jumping Jack’s owner Natasha Lyons told the News Shopper: "Obviously I’m upset because it’s a good nursery and nobody wants to see it shutting.

"I do understand that the school needs the building back and I can’t fault them at all.

"We are still looking to relocate and we have a couple possibilities lined up.

"Unfortunately I can’t say much more than that at the moment as everything is still in the early stages."

When asked why the building is being reclaimed, Hurstmere’s headteacher Andrew Stringer added: "We’re going to be using the building for children with special needs and learning difficulties.

"We informed Jumping Jack’s that the lease was going to expire approximately a year ago, it was then their decision not to inform the parents until six months after."