A well-known Sydenham girl disabled by meningitis has to climb up flights of stairs on her knees just to get into her home, her mother’s said.

Samantha Chowdhury, 26, now of Turpington Lane near Bromley Common, said her daughter Alissa-Taylor, who had her legs and part of her right hand amputated after suffering from the virus in 2010, deserves better.

She said her four year-old shouldn’t have to go through what she does and has asked Bromley Council to find somewhere more suitable as the property can’t be adapted.

However Mrs Chowdhury, who also has a baby, said after months of waiting nothing’s been done and added she’s been told others have higher priority.

She said: "It’s just so difficult – we’ve been waiting so long now. Everyday’s a struggle.

"Her (Alissa-Taylor) legs get really sore. She has to go up the stairs on her knees – it’s humiliating. It makes me want to cry, but no one seems to care."

Grandmother Tracey Johnson, 49, who lives opposite, said she’s really angry about the , adding there’s not even any space in the maisonette for Alissa-Taylor’s wheelchair.

She said: "Samantha just keeps getting pushed back – we just don’t have anywhere to turn anymore."

Bromley Council said efforts are made to find the best solution for all tenants and explained waiting times depend on a number of factors.

A spokeswoman said: "If a family need their home adapted to meet a member of the household’s disability needs such as wheelchair access wherever possible we or their landlord will adapt their current home.

"However, this is not always possible particularly in the case of older properties. Where their existing home cannot be adapted, families are given a high housing priority on the housing register.

"Waiting times for a property that has been adapted to meet a household’s needs will depend on the location they require, the property type as well as on the adaptions needed."