A GRAPHIC designer from Bexleyheath wore a different t-shirt every day for a year to raise money for Cancer Research.

Andi Best, 28, of Glengall Road, even wore a t-shirt on his wedding day for the challenge which has seen him donate a three-metre high pile of shirts to Cancer Research shops all over the UK so they can be sold.

He said: "I had to beg, borrow and blag t-shirts from companies and organisations far and wide and managed to keep them coming in for 12 months.

"I took pictures of myself in all of them and blogged about them every day.

"I wear a lot of t-shirts which is where I got the idea to do this. But it didn’t occur to me there would be so many events and occasions when it might become an issue.

"Black tie events for work, my stag do and Halloween were a bit of problem but by far the biggest was my wedding."

Turning up at the most important day of his life in a t-shirt was not popular with his Lithuanian-born fiancée Aiste.

Andi took on the challenge dubbed Project THREEHUNDREDANDSIXTEEFIVE in memory of his older sister Tracie who died seven years ago when her cancer came back for the second time.

Lynn Daly, spokeswoman for Cancer Research UK, added: "Andi’s t-shirt challenge has become a great source of new stock for our shops, which is great.

"I’m sure there will be plenty of bargain-hunters out there ready to snap up some of the weird and wonderful shirts he has amassed in the last 12 months. The money the t-shirts raise will help us cure cancer sooner."

To find out more about Andi’s challenge and see the full array of shirts, visit http://www.andib.co.uk/36t5/