Children aged between four and 18 have been engaging in football’s newest trend, in Welling.

Ahead of the summer World Cup in Brazil, Harris Academy Falconwood, have been combining music and football as part of their samba style football sessions to help improve local children’s technical ability.

Head Coach Kwame Asare, 30, from Dartford, said: “There’s a lot of physicality involved in football.

"We allow the children to feel the football to develop their technical ability, without putting pressure on them to be at a certain level too soon.

“Once we play the music, the kids relax and have fun. Samba football boots confidence, even the shiest of kids will be jumping around and getting involved by the end of the sessions.

“When kids are having fun they learn more and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

For more information, visit or call 07724 927382.