TERRIFYING footage of a teenage girl doing "ghetto aerobics" by dangling off the balcony of a Thamesmead tower block has attracted thousands of views and caused outcry on YouTube.

The crazy video appears to show the girl at least 10 storeys up on a Tavey Bridge block, hanging from a railing, with a massive drop beneath her.

As her friend films the idiotic stunt, she swings from the railing before appearing to land on a ledge beneath. At one point her friend asks the girl to stop. The girl then throws herself back, screaming theatrically.

The video has attracted condemnation online. User Mark Tony wrote: "I have done many things when I was young but none so stupid as that. Would your family think it's funny if you fell and they would have to live with that sadness for the rest of there lives?"

News Shopper: VIDEO: Girl hangs off ten-storey Thamesmead tower block balcony in terrifying YouTube stunt

And 'Tallboyandy' told her: "Too many people out there, just want to stab each other. Then there's you hanging from a tower block bin chute hand rail.

"Remember there is probably grease and oil all over that rail. Then you'll be human pizza!! No casualty would be able to save you! The council would have to scrape you up with a very wide shovel."

He added: "Just goes to show, how worthless some people actually value their life. All for the camera, maybe you won't be so lucky next time. STOP it now before you do kill yourself please babe."