Add one little thing to your to-do list today for the chance to score a load of web fame and possibly a little bit of fortune.

The thing we’re asking you to put on your list is to write us a list.

People on the web love lists. They just can't get enough of them. You probably read and enjoy a lot of them yourself while you’re browsing around.

So for our newest competition we're asking you to write us a fun top 10 of your own which could be published on News Shopper's website and could win you £50.

Use the form here to fill in your details. Then choose a subject for your list and provide a brief introduction. Finally add the individual entries which make up the top 10 on your chosen topic.

We'd prefer your list to have some relevance to the south-east London and north Kent area (for example, top 10 things only someone from Bromley would know) but you can choose any theme you like to write about. Make sure your list is amusing, quirky or interesting - something which other people would want to read and possibly share.

Once we receive your list we'll check it over and if it's suitable we'll publish it at You can submit as many lists as you like.

Out of all the lists received between now and March 31 we'll pick our very favourite to be the winner, taking into account page views and shares after it's been published. The winning list creator will win £50 cash.

Click here to enter – and we hope you enjoy putting your list together as much as we’re sure we’ll enjoying reading it.

Just for a little bit of inspiration, here is a list of some of the recent lists we’ve made ourselves: