DARTFORD’s MP has spoken out in the House of Commons on behalf of the families of victims of the 1982 IRA Hyde Park bombing.

Gareth Johnson used the debate in Parliament to ask the Attorney General Dominic Grieve whether there would be any bar to civil proceedings being launched against John Downey.

The former IRA member has been told he will not face criminal charges over his suspected involvement in the attack which killed four British soldiers.

The revelation came after it was confirmed Downey had been sent a letter by police in Northern Ireland telling him he was not a wanted man despite the fact the Met was looking to question him over the murders.

Mr Johnson branded the news "deeply disturbing" in his question to Mr Grieve, who confirmed there was nothing stopping a civil case being brought against Downey.

After the debate yesterday, Mr Johnson said: "I remember the deep shock and outrage that was caused by these murders.

"It was a horrific attack on unarmed men that left four soldiers and seven horses dead.

"It also preceded a bombing in Regents Park that left seven members of the Royal Green Jackets dead.

"This is a dreadful situation which has caused deep anxiety to the families of those who died in these incidents."