A Welling woman, who has had three cats shot in the last 18 months, is facing a vet’s bill of more than £5,000.

Terri Brooke, 54, of Penn Lane, is still waiting to hear if her five-year-old tabby Missy will lose a leg over a recent gunshot wound, which a vet said is the most "horrific" case she had ever seen.

Black-and-white cat Dickie had a leg amputated after being shot in the leg 18 months ago and his brother Rizz suffered a bullet wound on February 12.

Missy was shot on February 14 and endured a four-hour operation to try and salvage her limb.

Ms Brooke, who runs a beauty college, told News Shopper: "We won't know until next Friday if Missy will lose her leg.

"So far on my 3 cats the bill has been 3,500 for Dickee, £300 for rizz and missys bill is up to £1,250.00 so altogether more than £5,000. And I don't have insurance.

"The police are going to visit soon to discuss the case further."

Veterinary partner Mary Cox, who treated Missy at Park View Veterinary Group , said:  "This is the most horrific case I’ve come across in the 30 years I’ve been qualified. She is full of shrapnel.

"We are getting more and more cases like these."