A TEENAGE passenger was hurt when a car smashed into a dustbin van during the morning rush hour in Dartford yesterday.

The Mercedes A Class was left badly crumpled after the collision in Temple Hill which saw a 13-year-old young female passenger taken to hospital.

She had to be cut free from the wreckage by fire crews following the incident at around 8.30am near the junction with Treverick Road.

The teenager was treated at the scene before being taken to Darent Valley Hospital with a cut to the head, bruising and chest pain from her seatbelt.  

It is thought the driver of the car was dazzled by the sun causing them to drive into the side of the van. 

One dustbinman was injured when a bin was thrown into him by the force of the impact and a second ambulance took him to Darent Valley with bruising.  

Two Dartford fire engines joined two police cars in attendance and the road was closed while the situation was dealt with.

A lady thought to be the injured young girl’s mum posted on Facebook that her daughter was safe and well at home last night after being discharged from hospital.

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