RENEWED calls have been made for developers of an 18th century Sydenham boozer to finally rebuild the pub they demolished without permission.

Developer Pure Lake knocked down the Greyhound in Kirkdale without consent and were successfully prosecuted by Lewisham Council last year, leading to £13,000 in costs and a £5,000 fine.

But, one year on, there is still no sign of the promised new pub - part of a mixed-use development of the site.

Councillor Liam Curran, who campaigned to keep the pub open, asked a full council meeting on February 26: "Given the court ruling, do officers have the power to go to the second stage of enforcement?"

Deputy mayor Councillor Alan Smith said he would try to find the "quickest process" to resolve the situation.

Cllr Smith also revealed a deed of variation for the development was yet to be signed off by all parties.