New Cross Road and the Blackwall Tunnel have some of the highest pollution levels in the country, it has been revealed.

Figures by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs detail the 50 roads with the highest level of toxic nitrogen dioxide - all of which are in the capital.

The Blackwall Tunnel Approach came in at number 22 with a level of 110 micrograms per cubic metre, while the tunnel itself was at number 31.

And New Cross Road was 48th in the list with a figure of 101. The European legal limit is 40.

Unhappily for the Queen, the highest was at Grosvenor Place, next to Buckingham Palace, with a figure of 152.

The Blackwall figures will raise further concerns over the potential impact of another tunnel on the peninsula, linking Greenwich with Silvertown.

No to Silvertown Tunnel, a campaign group, revealed shocking levels of pollution at roads around the area last year.