There were protestors with nooses chanting outside the Old Bailey today (Feb 26) ahead of the sentencing of Lee Rigby's killers.

Judge Justice Sweeney has retired to consider his sentence which is expected at around 4.30pm today.

Prosecuting, Richard Whittam called for the judge to give the killers whole life terms and spoke of the impact on the soldier's family.

He said: "All their lives have been irrevocably changed for the worst."

In a victim impact statement by Mr Rigby's widow Rebecca she said: "I was so much in the public gaze, I couldnt go anywhere or do anything. I felt like I didn't want to go on."

She went on to say the worst thing was her son Jack will grow up with those public images of his father.

She added: "Lee will never be forgotten. We will always love him and miss him everyday."

Speaking against a whole life ruling David Gottlieb, defending Adebolajo, said: "The ddefendant is not so deprived of all human dignity that he has no possibility of atonement in the future."

Calling for a more lenient sentence for Adebowale, Abbas Lakha added that such a sentence would be "inhuman, extinguishing any hope of release."