A CAR crashed into Beckenham Hospital this morning.

Danny Vigar, 16, from Crystal Palace, was waiting in the Urgent Care Centre in the Croydon Road hospital just before noon.

He told News Shopper: "I had just sat down in the waiting room and the whole room started shaking, it was like an explosion had gone off.

"The car just went into the side of building, glass flew across the room.

"There was a massive hole in the side of the building. There was glass everywhere, loads of people panicking.

"Parts of the ceiling fell in. There were people screaming, a couple of people were crying.

"I was shocked. My head phones got blown out of my ears.

"There are all the fire brigade and police outside."

The London Ambulance Service sent an ambulance and duty officer to the scene, where an elderly man and woman were treated for shock and minor cuts and bruises. 

They were taken to the Princess Royal University Hospital.

The London Fire Brigade were called to deal with fuel leaking from the car.

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