An incredibly rare bull calf –an Asian miniature Zebu - has been born in a Dartford animal centre following a five-year wait.

The bull calf, named 'Dave', was born at around 4.45am on Monday (FEB 24).

Zebus, also known as humped cattle, are the “smallest and one of the world’s rarest breeds” according to Wayne May who runs the centre based in The Brent.

News Shopper: He was named after a supporter of the centre

He told News Shopper:  “This is our first bull calf born at Artisan Rare Breeds - we have been waiting five years to produce a bull calf from this bloodline.

"Only 48 pure zebu reside in Europe.

“We have called him Dave after Dave Haynes, one of our supporters and fundraisers.”

Artisan Rare Breeds is a registered charity which depends entirely on public donations.

News Shopper: PICTURED: One of the world's rarest cow breeds born in Dartford

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