Brits may be famed for their dodgy grills, but that hasn’t stopped the nation’s sweethearts from dominating a poll to decide the best smiles.

Future queen Kate Middleton came out on top of Listerine Advanced Defence Gum Treatment’s vote, and six English ladies feature in the most contagious top 10 ever.

Listerine’s top 10

News Shopper: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
There’s no doubting that the contents of your wallet will look better if Kate ever makes it onto currency next to Wills.

News Shopper: Celebrity judge Cheryl Cole played matchmaker but to no avail

Cheryl Cole

With high cheekbones, a slender chin and a wide smile, Chezza has the face of an angel.

News Shopper: Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook
North Kent’s finest Kelly has such a sweet smile, you’d never want to make her sad.

News Shopper: Beyonce releases suprise album

Queen Bey’s irreplaceable smile makes us crazy in love. See what we did there?

News Shopper: BOOKED: Lily Allen

Lily Allen
In some ways it’s a shame that seeing you cry makes Lily smile (her words, not ours), but with that heart-melting cheeky grin...

News Shopper: Pippa Middleton has written a book about entertaining at home

Pippa Middleton
It’s in the genes, evidently.

News Shopper: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus
Presumably people voted for Miley’s smile with her tongue safely in her mouth...

News Shopper: Eamonn Holmes is unimpressed by Rihanna's entourage

She’s no stranger to controversy, but when she smiles she shines bright like a diamond.

News Shopper: Victoria Beckham has retired from singing to focus on designing

Victoria Beckham
Odd one this. Has anyone ever seen Posh smile?

News Shopper: Michelle Rodriguez says she's stumped by the plot twists on Lost

Michelle Rodriguez
We don’t mind the film star Fast but she’s looks much better when she’s not Furious.

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