THAMESMEAD schoolchildren celebrated dyslexia as a "gift" with a week of workshops, performances and poetry.

Pupils at Linton Mead Primary School learnt about famous dyslexic people - from entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson to artistic types like Leonardo da Vinci and Agatha Christie - during their Dyslexia Awareness Week.

News Shopper: Thamesmead primary school celebrates 'gift' of dyslexia with performance and poetry

Dyslexic performance poet Justin Coe and members of the Dyslexia Society were on hand to give top tips and celebrate different ways of learning.

Headteacher Sarah Critchell said: "It has given our dyslexic children the confidence and self esteem to stand proudly amongst their peers and share that they have the gift of dyslexia.

"We want to send a clear message that being dyslexic in no way makes you less intelligent than your peers, it just means you may learn in different ways.

"At Linton Mead we continually strive to make all children feel equal and valued."

The school was awarded Dyslexia Friendly School status at the end of the week which ran until February 14.

Here is a poem written by Year 4 and 5 pupils with the help of Justin Coe

In the zone
When I’m in an imagination of the world
My mum says “You need to do the washing up”
But I just say, “Just give me another minute because I’m in the zone.”
Where I am at home.

I’m driving a lollipop powered go-cart,
Eating up a road of sweets,
I’m playing my plastic bottle flute to the bongo beat
I’m dancing in the chocolate rain,
Gobbling mouth-watering drops
I’m bursting out of my troubles,
Thinking out of the box
I’m juggling the jigsaw,
Fixing the mixed-up puzzle
I’m speaking unique,
Breaking out the muzzle

So leave me in my own world,
I’m inventing a machine
That will help me to read,
And get the washing up clean.