MATRONS at a Woolwich hospital are cheering up patients with a new tea round where they dish out cake, a cuppa and a friendly chat.

The matrons’ tea round initiative runs every week at teatime at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s stroke, orthopaedic and elderly wards.

News Shopper: Matron Kate Hudson on her tea round at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Patients are given a slice of their favourite cake and a chance to chat with the matrons with the aim of making them feel more at home during their time in hospital.

Matron Kate Hudson said: “Having this matron’s tea round on the ward really makes it a personable experience for all the patients.

“It is a nice and informal way to chat to them and their relatives. Since the initiative began we are finding the patients are more relaxed and at ease, and it is also a very good way to get patients engaging with us about their experience of being on the ward.”

Patient Margaret Beadle added: “No one likes to be in hospital so this really perks up my afternoon, especially as Kate the matron is so lovely and welcoming. It really is a unique experience for us whilst being on this ward.”

Cakes for the tea round have been funded by Charlton's ASDA.