MARVEL your family or colleagues with an interesting fact or simply remember times gone by with these 10 things about February 25 which you might not know.

On this day in ...

1723 - The English architect responsible for St Paul’s Cathedral, Christopher Wren, died.

1913 - Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst went on trial for a bomb attack on the home of David Lloyd George, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

1932 - The first Anderson air-raid shelter was built in Islington, London.

1946 - In the rush for the first bananas in Britain since the war, a three-year-old ate so many she died of a banana overdose.

1964 - Cassius clay became world heavyweight boxing champion. He later took the name Muhammad Ali.

1966 - Nancy Sinatra was number one in the charts with These Boots Are Made For Walking.

1986 - Ferdinand Marcos was usurped as president of the Philippines by Cora zon Aquino - the widow of the opposition leader shot under orders from Marcos in 1983.

1998 - Switzerland's first legal brothel opened.

2002 – Studies revealed that good looking men were the most likely to be voted off tv game show The Weakest Link because they made other men jealous and women suspicious. Researchers who had spent a year studying the show said players subconsciously adopted rules also common at work.

2004 - Prostitutes in the Romanian town of Botasani suspended their services for Lent.