A SPATE of catalytic converter thefts have taken place across Dartford and Gravesend.

Between November and January, 39 thefts were reported to police in the North Kent area.

Catalytic converters have previously proved a popular target for thieves because of the valuable metal they contain.

Sgt Jo Kirkham, from North Kent Police, said: ‘To reduce the risk of being a victim of this type of theft, vehicle owners should try to keep their vehicle in a garage whenever possible, or park in busy, well-lit areas.

"You could also security mark and register the metal shell of the converter so if stolen and recovered, it will be easier to trace.

"Mark or etch it with the vehicle registration number, or serial number, and consider fitting a catalytic converter clamp or security cage to protect it."

For more information on how to protect your vehicle from crime, visit www.kent.police.uk/vehicle or click http://bit.ly/1cP3MAi to download a crime prevention leaflet