A MOTHER has spoken of the moment her 19-month-old son screamed out in pain after she tried to put him into a pair of trousers which still had the shop security pin hidden in the pocket.

Emma Lipscombe, 38, of Martens Avenue, Bexleyheath, had purchased the trousers for Arthur from H&M in the town and was trying to get him ready and rush her other children to school when the incident happened.

The security pin, which should have been removed by the shop assistant when the item was purchased, drew blood from Arthur's leg and he was left with a large scratch.

Mrs Lipscombe told News Shopper: "I didn't think there could be anything in the trousers which could have hurt Arthur.

"When I was trying to put the trousers on he was silent for a moment and then he started screaming and threw himself on the floor.

"I picked him up and he was trying to pull the trousers off and as I touched the pocket I felt something hard and instantly I took the trousers down and noticed the security pin in the pocket.

"It had stabbed and scratched his leg.

"I managed to calm him down and put a cold flannel on the wound to soak up the blood and help the redness."

Mrs Lipscombe said she went to the store in the Broadway to talk to the shop manager and she said they were "very apologetic" and explained the security pin was to deter shoplifters.

She has been given a £100 H&M voucher as compensation for the incident.

The mother-of-six added: "If I had known this was common practice I would have checked the pockets myself but you just think it has been done for you in the shop.

"I want other mums to be aware that this is happening and I don't want it to happen to another baby and mother."

A letter from Laura Waskett at H&M was sent on February 4 and the company admitted they had let Mrs Lipscombe down.

It said: "I would like to sincerely apologise for the cut to Arthur's leg and we hope he is feeling much better.

"We accept we should have got in contact with you earlier and I am very sorry for the further delay and upset this caused you."

The incident was followed up with the store manager and area manager and the staff will be retrained to 'reiterate checking for pins at the point of sale'.

A spokesman for H&M added: "We have dealt with the customer directly and they are as happy as they could be with the outcome.

"It was a terrible incident and all our safety measures were outlined in the letter we sent the customer."