START your day by reading seven things you might not know about February 24.

On this day in ...

1948 - Actor Dennis Waterman was born. His work includes television show Minder.

1993 - Footballer Bobby Moore died. He captained England to victory in the 1966 world cup.

1923 - The Flying Scotsman went into service.

1955 - Deep snow and freezing temperatures caused havoc across much of Britain. More than 70 roads were blocked by snow and hundreds of vehicles were abandoned in snowdrifts.

1994 - British Coal announced their last four pit ponies were retiring.

1997 - A fire broke out on the Mir space station.

2002 - An online poll voted Eddie Izzard as the funniest comedian ever, with Billy Connolly coming in second and the Monty Python team third.

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