BECKENHAM’S David Bowie has pleaded with Scotland to stay in the UK, prompting singer Billy Bragg to urge more people south of the border to enter the debate.

So let’s obey and give it a try. Where do you stand on the subject of Scottish independence? Are you bothered about whether there is a yes or no vote in September’s referendum?

Do you think it will make any difference at all to your life and the lives of other people around Britain if Scotland decides to go it alone?

During Wednesday’s Brit Awards at The O2 in Greenwich, Bowie made a surprising intervention in the debate when he sent a message pleading: "Scotland, stay with us.''

Musician and activist Bragg said he hoped this would encourage English people to engage with the issues.

He said: "Obviously we don't have a vote but we can have an opinion.

“We should have a better debate about what independence means and its pros and cons.”

The singer reiterated his belief that Scottish independence could revitalise democracy south of the border.

He said: "Personally I think Scottish independence could be a catalyst for more devolution for England, which I think it really needs to begin to curb the power of the city of London.

"I live in the South of England and if we could have a regional assembly with the same powers as Holyrood I think that would really help our region and other regions to rebalance the country with London, which seems to be sucking all the power."

Bragg is among several high-profile musicians - including The Proclaimers and Annie Lennox - who have voiced their support for a Yes vote in September's referendum.

Following Bowie’s comment at the Brits, a spokesman for pro-union campaign Better Together said: "David Bowie has spoken for the millions of people across Britain who don't want Scotland to leave.

"This week has been more about the pound than pop, but it's great to have the support of this British legend."

A spokesman for the pro-independence campaign Yes Scotland said: "On September 18th 'we can be heroes, just for one day' - by voting Yes to independence."

News Shopper: Which way will Scotland vote?

Marginally beneath Bowie and Bragg on the cultural scale, News Shopper’s editor Andrew Parkes gave his opinion on Scottish independence back in September.

He wrote: “With all the benefits the Scots have had in recent years, I can’t believe any of them would seriously think they’d be better off without us.”

And he concluded by saying: “As someone who travels to Glasgow and Edinburgh on a regular basis I’m well aware of the “subtle” differences between our two nations, but these should be celebrated, rather than being seen as a reason to separate.

“But, if by some miracle those voting ‘yes’ do win, then it’s important that the border stays well and truly closed. There must be no halfway house with this one, if they choose to go the divorce must be absolute and all links severed.”

Tell us in the comments box below which way you think the Scottish referendum should go, if you care about it enough to have an opinion.