IT may only be 14 years since the 1990s ended but quite a lot has changed in Bexleyheath since then.

Inspired by our reporter Melissa Hills’ list of 15 reasons you know you grew up in Bexleyheath in the 2000s, Helen Clark got in touch via Facebook to say she grew up around Bexleyheath in the 90s and would like to share her memories of that decade.

So, here they are – Helen’s 10 reasons you know you grew up in Bexleyheath in the 1990s.

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1. You remember Townley Grammar being Bexley Technical High School for Girls.

Below: Linda Hutchinson above, pictured in 2010 at her farewell party, was head of Townley Girls’ Grammar School for nearly 18 years. When she took over it was Bexley Technical High School for Girls - girls of the 90s may well remember her

News Shopper: Linda Hutchinson with some of her former students at her farewell party

2. You shopped in Zodiac and the Bexleyheath branch of Miss Selfridge and Topshop with your friends on a Saturday.

3. You bought crystals and hippy jewellery from the shop in Trading World.

4. The Cineworld cinema was a new exciting place to go.

5. You bought random odds and sods in Mumsy's.

6. Woolworths’ pick ‘n’ mix was a perfect after-school snack.

7. was the chocolate fridge cake in Safeway.

News Shopper: WOOLWORTHS: Rush on pick n mix as store closures loom

8. You used to see Malcolm, the model from Just Seventeen wandering around with his dog.

9. You didn't need a PCSO to supervise you getting on the bus. you managed it yourself.

10. You remember the shopping centre being clad in weird coppery stuff and having fountains in the middle.

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