A FATHER can’t bring himself to tell his son his Christmas present’s been stolen after thieves broke into his property.

John Hill, of Kimmeridge Road in Mottingham, said a gang stole valuable tools from his van and looted everything from his garage on January 28.

Mr Hill, 34, said he’s passionate about motorcross and had built his four-year-old a starting bike to share his hobby.

After the burglary his neighbour came forward with CCTV images that appear to show a group of eight youths striking during the early hours.

Now Mr Hill, an electrician, is determined to retrieve his possessions. He said his equipment, which he said isn’t covered by insurance, is worth thousands and noted the sentimental value of his son’s gift.

He said: “I haven’t told him about it yet – it would break his heart. It would destroy him.

“He asks to go out on the bike but I can’t let him – I want it back for him.

“I feel pretty rubbish. I usually keep my tools safe at work but I was between jobs so took them home ready for my next one – it’s sod’s law.

“It took me ten years to collect them all and I’m never going to see them again.”

Mr Hill said luckily his neighbour’s footage captures the act and added he’s desperate to catch the suspects.

However, he said after phoning the police everyday it took ten days for officers to come round and collect the evidence – but was thankful a quad bike, also taken, was found straight away.

Mr Hill added: “They look like young lads. I can’t believe they’re prepared to steal from children – my son’s bike is very small and it’s obvious it’s for a child.”

Bromley Police said detectives are investigating but added no arrests have been made so far.

A spokesperson said: “It is believed that a group of suspects have initially broken into the victim's van at the location and stolen various items, including tools and a set of keys.

"The suspects are then believed to have used the keys to break into an outside shed.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the burglary squad on 101