A WELLING mum has spoken about the "disgusting" way a bus driver allegedly ignored her pleas for help during a brutal bus attack.

Dee Odysseos, of Central Avenue, said she was ignored three times as she begged him to call the police with blood pouring out of her mouth.

The 40-year-old is "traumatised" and has a permanent scar after being attacked by a man on an 89 bus while she was on her way to collect her son from school. Her assailant has not yet been found.

The mum-of-two told News Shopper: "It is disgusting. I am more upset with the conductor than the man who hit me because the conductor did not even have the decency to look at me.

"I asked him three times, I had blood pouring out my mouth and he never even looked in my direction."

The mum-of-two believes the violence occurred because she got on the bus in front of the man, after running for it.

News Shopper: Dee Odysseos with son Frank Fraser

She said: "I could hear the man behind me swearing at me because he thought I’d pushed in.
"Then he hit me as I was going up the stairs and split my lip.

"The guy started to turn it around on me and said, ‘why are you hitting me’ but a woman on the bus challenged him about this because they had seen what had happened and said, ‘you hit her’.

"I had to go to hospital and now have a permanent scar, just above my lip."

Despite contacting the bus company and the police following the incident on December 12 last year, Ms Odysseos is still waiting to hear of developments.

"I rang the Go Ahead bus company at the Bexley bus and they said the driver couldn’t contact the police because at that same moment, he was receiving a message on the system which blocked outgoing calls. It seems a bit of a coincidence."

Bexley Police are appealing for witnesses.

A spokesman said: "The 40-year-old victim boarded the route 89 bus travelling in the direction of Slade Green in Bellegrove Road, Welling at approximately 3pm on 12 December 2013."

A Go Ahead Bus company spokesman added: "The CCTV on the bus was passed to the local police.

"The driver was dealt with in line with company policy and information relayed to TfL.

"They in turn responded to the complaint from the lady."