LAST week we asked people who follow News Shopper on Twitter and like us on Facebook to say what words really annoy them.

Clearly it touched a nerve, as we got dozens of responses from people giving us all sorts of words which make them cringe whenever they are spoken or written.

To get a clearer idea of the words that irritate the most people we threw the replies into a word cloud tool which produced the graphic you see on this page.

The words which appeared most frequently in the responses have been given greater prominence on the cloud.

'Sick', slang for cool or amazing (apparently), was one of the most frequently mentioned annoying words, along with the over-used 'awesome', the overly familiar 'babe' and 'hun' and the all-round irksome 'innit'.

In producing the word cloud we left out the longer but equally annoying phrases which some people replied with, such as touch base, blue sky thinking, going forward, at the end of the day and thinking outside the box.

Want to see a larger version of the word cloud? Click here

Now it’s over to you. Other than swears, what are the everyday words you truly loathe? From business jargon to slang terms, what words make you flinch whenever you see or hear them? Add your comments below.