A BMW has “completely obliterated” a bus shelter in Welling and left the scene looking like a bomb site.

A man who witnessed the shocking aftermath said if anyone had been waiting for a bus at the time of the incident in Park View Road, they would have been “flattened”.

The crash occurred on Friday evening (FEB 14) when the driver lost control of his car.

James Humphris is a partner at Macaulay Scott Printing Company, based in the same road, and ran outside when he heard the noise.

News Shopper: BMW 'completely obliterates' bus shelter in Welling

He told News Shopper:  “I heard a bang and a crash and I leapt outside and saw a group of people helping the guy in the car.

"The aftermath was a scene of complete devastation.

“It looked like he was going towards Welling and he had spun out and completely demolished the bus stop and the car was facing the wrong direction.

“It was an absolute miracle no one was at the bus stop because they would have been flattened.

“It’s certainly not an everyday occurrence for us.

"The response from people nearby was praiseworthy not only in helping the driver but slowing on-coming traffic in danger of driving into debris.”

Brian Barnett, 55, was shocked when he came across the scene the next morning.

The Wolvercote Road said: “It looked like a bomb had hit it.

“This car had completely obliterated this bus shelter. If anyone had been waiting there, they would have been killed.”

A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service (LAS) said: “We were called just after 6pm to reports of a road traffic collision.

“We sent a responder in a car and an ambulance crew and we treated a 45-year-old man for leg injuries.

“He was taken as a priority to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.”

News Shopper: BMW 'completely obliterates' bus shelter in Welling

A Bexley Police spokesman said: “We can confirm we were called to an incident in Park View Road at around 6.10pm.

“A BMW had crashed into a nearby bus stop after its driver had lost control of the car.

“The driver and his passenger were assisted by the LAS after suffering minor injuries.”