BROMLEY residents were scrambling to move their cars today as a tree looked set to fall after being uprooted by wind and rain.

Retired Jane Chandler, of Hastings Road, was worried by the large Popular that was teetering after the weekend’s weather.

She said she had a sleepless night worrying about the situation, adding it “could kill someone” if it were to topple completely.

The 74-year-old added she and others on the road phoned the Bromley Council’s emergency department yesterday, but had to wait until today for the situation to be resolved.

Mrs Chandler said: “We’ve had no sleep – it happened over the weekend because of the wind and rain.

“We’ve been really worried about it as it’s right over our houses. We were just worried it would come down in the night.”

She said she called the fire brigade today and was “relieved” when a crew turned up soon after to cordon off the area, while a tree contractor came 10 minutes later to begin work.

Council tree officer Simon Ffoulkes, on scene after finding out about the hazard this morning, noted it could well do some damage if it came down and said residents were advised to move their vehicles.

He said: “We’re going to make it safe and trim the canopy back and then we’re going to fell it – which is a shame because it’s a nice tree.”

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