AFTER Friday night's storm an Orpington man woke to find a large trampoline in his back garden, and nearby a black BMW was crushed by a tree.

Stephen Chambers, of Trentham Drive, said despite the high winds he was "very surprised" a trampoline had blown from a neighbour's garden into his own.

The 59-year-old told News Shopper: "I got up on Saturday morning , opened the blinds and there it was.

"I looked up and couldn't believe what I saw. I was very surprised.

"I called my wife to have a look - she couldn't believe it either.

"I knew it was a neighbour's. I had it recorded on CCTV and saw it had flown up in the air, hit a tree and just dropped into my garden.

"Later I was in the garden surveying the damage and my neighbour called from over the fence: 'can I have my trampoline back please?'

"It got quite hairy that night. It was very bad."

Meanwhile the storm wreaked havoc elsewhere, as a black BMW was crushed by a tree in Farnborough Hill.

News Shopper:

Gregg Ivings, 50, of Oleander Close, saw the vehicle when he was out walking on Saturday morning.

He said: "I went out for a walk with my wife on Saturday morning and the owner of the car happened to be there.

"I did speak to her and I believe her son hit the tree on Friday night as it was falling."

No one is thought to have been hurt in the incident.

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