ARE you a creature of habit when travelling by train or do you like to mix things up?

Today we’re asking about people’s weird or completely rational, depending how you look at it, preferences when it comes to choosing a seat or where to stand on the platform.

When I used to commute around London I always had my favourites.

At London Bridge, for instance, when travelling home from platform 4 I would always stand on a slightly darker patch of concrete just beyond the end of the roofed area as this meant I could get on the ‘quieter’ end of the train and stand a better chance of getting a seat. Once on the carriage I’d aim for a two-seater, preferably by the window and reasonably close to the door. If one or more of these options were unavailable I’d be ticked off.

I’m sure I’m not alone with having these slightly odd train travel quirks so what are yours? Do you have a certain routine that you must stick to when travelling to or from work? Does it annoy you or put a blot on your day if someone is sitting or standing in ‘your’ usual space? Or are you someone who just doesn't care and is happy taking things as they come?

Add your comments below.

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