POLICE officers managed to take a gun off the streets of Penge this month after a routine stop and search.

Sergeant Gareth Starr, part of the Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhoods Team at Bromley Police, tweeted a photo of the discovery after a night time recovery and said it’s "now securely off the street".

The find was actually an imitation – but Sgt Starr said it "looks very real" and said although fake if it were "presented at a robbery I'm sure it wouldn't", adding drugs were also found on the suspect.

A police spokesman said: "The item was found on a young male in Penge, who was stopped and searched on suspicion of being in possession of drugs. 

"Although authentic looking there was no evidence to support an arrest in respect of it and words of advice were given to the youth and the object surrendered voluntarily."

"The youth received a police caution for possession of cannabis."

Residents in the area replied on the social media site when they saw the posts, praising the find.