VALENTINE’S DAY is an excuse for secret admirers to anonymously reveal their hitherto hidden feelings to the object of their affection/lust.

It’s also a time when loved-up couples can get away with being excessively slushy performing romantic gestures to show how much they care for each other.

For a third group of people February 14 is the worst day of the year. These people are anti-Valentines and if you’re one of them you’ve come to the right page.

Use the comments box below to tell us and everybody else why you hate Valentine’s Day so much. You’ll feel better for it, guaranteed*.

Are you an independent singleton who doesn’t want romance rammed down your throat all day long? Have you been heartbroken and don’t really want to be reminded of love lost? Does the day leave you feeling depressed about not being with someone? Are you in a relationship but don’t see the point of V-Day and all the commercialism that goes with it?

Whatever the reason for you despising the ‘most romantic day of the year’ vent your spleen and say why you loathe rather than love this occasion.

* Not actually guaranteed but no harm giving it a go, eh? Hey, who knows, if you’re single maybe you’ll meet your perfect match in the comments discussion and romance will blossom with someone who dislikes today as much as you. Could happen.