BEXLEYHEATH and Crayford’s MP has supported a new measure which would ban drivers from smoking in the car while carrying children.

David Evennett voted to support an amendment to the Children and Families Bill that would give the Government powers to ban smoking in any private vehicle carrying someone under the age of 18.

Should someone be caught smoking in a car carrying children, they would receive a penalty notice under the same provisions banning smoking in private-hire and work vehicles.

The amendment was passed with a majority of 269 on Monday.

Mr Evennett said: "I have been a long-time campaigner against smoking and voted for a ban on smoking in public places.

"Smoking accounts for nearly 80,000 premature deaths per year in England which is why I am an active supporter of the Bexley Stop Smoking Service.

"This small change will help to protect children who do not have a choice as to whether they are subjected to second-hand smoke."

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