A NEIGHBOUR of a woman who fell from a second floor balcony in Anerley last night described how her partner had tried to grab her moments before.

Michael Daly, 48, who also lives in the block of flats in Weighton Road, said her partner was “in a bad state” and had asked for his help after he watched her plummet onto the courtyard below.

The tenant said he immediately phoned for an ambulance and then showed paramedics the quickest route to the scene.

He explained: “Her partner saw her and tried to stop her from falling, but he couldn’t do it.

“He was in a bad way. It’s a fair old drop – but she was still conscious. She was out there a while before they took her to hospital.

“You can still see some of the clothes they had to cut off her.”
As well as two road response vehicles a London air ambulance was sent, landing in nearby Betts Park.

London Ambulance Service said it received reports a female, said to be in her 40s, had “fallen from a height” at around 5pm.

A spokeswoman said the casualty was flown to the Royal London Hospital for treatment, but her injuries could not be confirmed and her condition is unknown.

Another resident, Amil Heis, 50, said the area was cordoned off by police as groups of people went to see what had happened.

The full-time mum said she had heard the woman had jumped but wasn’t sure whether that was the case, adding police stopped people getting too close to the accident site.

She said: “I heard a woman jumped from a window. There were ambulances and we were told to stay back.

“I saw her on the floor. Lots of people were very stressed. It was too much.”