IN a scene not dissimilar to classic 80s movie Weird Science, male preferences have been collated and put into a computer to create London’s perfect girlfriend.

The ideal girl for blokes living in the capital will be 5ft 6in tall, drink white wine, have no tattoos and support Tottenham.

She will have brown hair and blue eyes, with subtly applied make-up.

Men in London want their woman to have a foreign accent for extra exoticism, drive an Audi TT and be a fan of roast dinners.

She’ll weigh a healthy 9st, be a 34C and work as a teacher or nurse.

For entertainment she’ll enjoy listening to a bit of pop music while her favourite movie is Dirty Dancing and top TV show is classic US sitcom Friends.

For a clearer vision of London’s perfect girlfriend, Kelly Brook is top choice for the celebrity who most closely resembles men’s ideal lady. Other popular choices include Kiera Knightley and Katy Perry.

The composite girlfriend was put together after a study of 2,000 men by location-based dating app Lovoo.

Benjamin Bak, founder of Lovoo, said: ‘’It seems that London men have very specific tastes for a girl to live up to.

“We know that everyone has a favourite hair colour and sometimes even eye colour and height. But we think that avoiding a woman because she might support an opposing football team or enjoy a different genre of films to you, might be being a bit too picky.

“We encourage meeting up with people you share interests with, but suggest not being too strict as you might find that you get to learn something new.

“Dating is fun and shouldn’t become a chore or make you feel as though you won’t ever find ‘the one’.

“Being more open to new things will certainly help you find that perfect girlfriend.’’ Three quarters of the single men who responded to the study said they don’t think they will ever meet their perfect woman and will have to compromise instead.

Two in five men already in a relationship said they do not think their current wife or girlfriend is the perfect woman for them.


  • Brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • 5ft 6in tall
  • 9st
  • 34C
  • Foreign accent
  • No tattoos
  • Works as a teacher
  • Likes pop music
  • Loves football
  • Supports Tottenham
  • Eats roast dinners
  • Meat eater
  • Drinks white wine
  • Favourite TV show: Friends
  • Favourite film: Dirty Dancing
  • Drives an Audi TT
  • Enjoys reading, eating out and travelling

Fellas or ladies, do any of these factors such as height, weight, accent, music tastes and so on matter to you at all when you're looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend? Is there such a thing as the 'perfect' partner? Add your comments below.