TODAY we’re discussing tattoos – do you think they are artistic or ugly?

When you see someone with symbols or pictures on their skin do you admire the artistry of the work and the person’s individuality, or do you see tattoos as unsightly blemishes?

Do you think people should cover up their tattoos while they’re at work? Have you ever thought less of someone just because they have tattoos? Do tattoos look more attractive on some body parts than others?

Do you have tats yourself? What made you get them? What puts you off getting one if you don’t have any?

Whether body art gives you the needle or you think it looks really sharp, add your comments below. And if you've got any tattoos you'd like to share pictures of, you can email us with details.

News Shopper: Burning Questions

The Burning Questions feature aims to resolve some of the oddities of social etiquette, settle some of life’s perennial arguments and crack some of those tricky questions with readers’ collective knowledge.

If there is an issue you’re always squabbling about with workmates or friends or something that makes you go hmmm, email me with your suggestions for future burning questions to ask.