A MAN who suffered a cardiac arrest in his car as he drove down Orpington High Street wants to find the person who he says saved his life.

56-year-old Steve Hattrill, of Darrick Wood Housing Estate, Farnborough, collapsed at around noon on Saturday February 1.

He is now recovering in King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, but says he would be dead if it wasn't for a person who came to his aid.

He told News Shopper: "I'd like to find the person who saved my life.

"I was on my own driving down Orpington High Street and then I passed out.

"I don't remember much about what happened for four or five days after. I was in intensive care for four days.

"I have been recovering since then.

"But someone came to help me. Someone called the ambulance. They saved my life.

"I'd like to meet that person and shake their hand."

Do you know who saved Mr Hattrill's life? Call the news desk on 01689 885 711 or send an e-mail.