THE WAY Orpington’s mail is delivered is set to change as “far fewer” letters are now posted, according to the Royal Mail.

Delivery sector manager Jon Verrall says the team is reorganising routes to be more efficient and save the public money.

He also explained that more packets and larger items are now distributed, so new equipment is going to be introduced to carry them more “securely”.

Mr Verrall said: “We’re introducing changes in your area now in order to maintain and protect services and to keep our prices as low as possible.”

The manager added many of the alterations have been implemented elsewhere in the country and will be brought in over the next few months in Orpington.

Mr Verrall has explained what this means for residents:

  • We will still be delivering throughout the morning, but also now for longer during the day.
  • The time of your standard delivery will depend on where you’re located on the new delivery route this may be later or possibly earlier than you are used to.
  • Should mail volumes vary, I may need to adjust delivery arrangements and times.
  • If we currently collect your mail from you, there should be no change to arrangements for this.