A FORMER Swanley BNP councillor has cited Lee Rigby's killing in an internet video of an east London vigilante mission.

The clip features members of Paul Golding’s right-wing group Britain First seemingly confronting Muslims on the streets of Whitechapel and ends with a call to action citing the murder of Drummer Rigby in Woolwich.

The eight minute long YouTube video finishes with the words "The day Lee Rigby was murdered thousands of patriots were born.

"Rest in peace Lee Rigby - rest in the arms of the angels. The fight back has begun."

Before that Golding, 32, can be seen in one of two armoured Land Rovers explaining how around 15 Britain First ‘activists’ were in Brick Lane looking to "draw out" members of so-called Muslim patrols.

This rival Christian Patrol was a response to the conviction of three men in December for harassing, intimidating and assaulting people in east London while claiming to enforce sharia law, Golding told the camera.

He said: "It is about time we started combating these Muslim patrols and started taking the fight to them."

Members of Britain First can be seen handing out leaflets and drinking beer and smoking cigarettes outside the East London Mosque.

One member tells a group of dark-skinned men: "This is our country - you want to live here, you abide by our rules."

Golding, who resigned as the BNP’s Sevenoaks District councillor for Swanley St Mary’s ward in March 2011, told News Shopper: "We were there on the public’s side.

"We were there specifically and only to combat the Muslim patrols. We weren’t there to bother the public we were there to protect the public."

Mr Golding was arrested and questioned by police on January 23 under suspicion of harassing so-called Muslim hate preacher Choudary near his home in Waltham Forest.

He has since been told no further action will be taken against him.

Concerning the YouTube video, a Met spokesman said: "Police at Tower Hamlets are aware of an internet video showing recent activity in the borough.

"We will work with our partners in policing the diverse communities in Tower Hamlets to provide a safe environment for those who live, work and visit the borough."