LABELLED "a disgrace" by some and as "brilliant" by others, Keston's Aimee Fuller has caused controversy with her commentary of Jenny Jones' bronze medal win at the Winter Olympics.

Miss Fuller, who had gone out of the slopestyle snowboarding event at the semi-final stage, joined Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood in the BBC commentary box for yesterday's final.

The BBC has since received more than 300 complaints, with people saying the commentary was of a low standard.

The commentators cheered when Miss Jones's competitors fell, and also began crying when it became clear she had won a medal.

On Twitter, Chris Hewitt said: "I see I wasn't alone in thinking the BBC's commentary of Jenny Jones' medal was ridiculous - 300 complaints! And deserved - was a disgrace!!"

Ian George added: "Great to see Jenny Jones win a bronze medal for team GB in Sochi. A shame about the awful BBC commentary."

However, social media responses seem to be more positive than negative, with Trevor Cowdery saying on Twitter: "Brilliant heart on the sleeve commentary @aimee_fuller, @SnowEdLeigh & @Tim_Warwood showed true passion #bbcsochi well done."

James Haggerty added: "Just for the record - @SnowEdLeigh @Tim_Warwood & @aimee_fuller 's commentary was the best I've ever heard on the BBC. More pls."

The commentary can be viewed here.

Earlier in the day, Miss Fuller had missed out on the final of the event, in which riders head down a course that includes rails, kickers and jumps.

The 22-year-old fell during her first run and needed a strong effort in her second to secure a place in the final.

However a slight slip following a double back flip meant she missed out.

Jenny Jones's bronze medal was Britain's first-ever medal on snow in an Olympics.

The Winter Olympics is taking place in Sochi, Russia, until February 23.