BROMLEY Council says it is "delighted" following the closure of Chislehurst's Glam Nightclub - the site of a number of violent incidents over the last few months.

The incidents led Bromley Council's licensing sub-committee to revoke the club's licence in December last year.

The club appealed against the decision but that appeal has now been withdrawn.

Glam, on the Sidcup Bypass, was closed early last year after a review, and reopened in September.

The incidents, which included a 20-person mass brawl outside the club on November 8, then led police to apply for a further review of the licence.

The sub-committee concluded there was a long-standing problem of drink-related violence at the premises and not enough was being done to prevent the supply of alcohol to those who already had too much to drink.

Though refuted by the club, the committee accepted police evidence that there had been a failure of management.

The licence was revoked and the club lodged an appeal with Bromley Magistrates Court before the 21-day deadline.

However, prior to any hearing being held, the club withdrew the appeal and it closed last Monday (February 3).

Councillor Tim Stevens, chairman of the licensing sub-committee, said: "We are delighted with this outcome.

"The committee was completely satisfied there was sufficient evidence that the licence holder and staff had not dealt with the serious issues of crime and disorder arising at the premises.

"Also, there had been breaches of the conditions of the licence that were imposed at the last review.

"There was no alternative but to revoke the licence and it is appropriate, given the circumstances, the club should close.

"We are fully committed to the safety of Bromley’s residents and will always act when there is evidence that the licensing objectives of preventing crime and disorder and protecting public safety are not being met."